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Utilizarea dispozitivelor Protect pentru familie

Armonie in familie
Oprirea certurilor
Protectia membrilor familiei
Evitarea divortului
Blocarea celor care inceraca sa va fure sotul sau sotia

Subliminale radionice utilizate pentru armonie in familie:
My family is valuable. I promote harmony in my family. I can be patient when we are together. I like to watch my family. They are my family. We like to be together and have fun. I like to help and to create a spirit of help in the family. We are a good team. I value the time I spend with my family. We have good quality time together. I am calm and relaxed. I can clearly see the big picture. I understand my family. We understand each other. We love each other. We accept each other mistakes. Family is the most valuable thing. We will win together.